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Exclusive service for companies

CreuBlanca Companies

Looking after the health of your employees and families with CreuBlanca is simple thanks to our exclusive service for companies. We offer you our entire network of hospitals and healthcare centres with the latest technological advances and a team of more than 450 top-level professionals in different medical and surgical specialities.


You will benefit from reduced rates on all CreuBlanca services and an exclusive circuit for your company, with no waiting lists and preferential access to all medical visits and tests, so you won’t miss a single day. A service for employers who care about their employees and families.

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What do we offer you?

Reduced rates on all services

Exclusive and specific medical check-ups

Annual reviews

24-hour emergency service 365 days a year

Medical visits in more than 30 specialities

Wide range of exploratory tests

In-house analytical laboratory

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Benefits for companies

  • Preferential access and no waiting lists
  • Perception of a company involved and concerned about its employees. Positive reinforcement of the brand image
  • Increased employee satisfaction and commitment, leading to improved employee efficiency and retention.
  • Considerable savings in the cost of absenteeism
Employee and family benefits
  • Discounts on a wide range of medical services for them and their families.
  • Time savings on tests and medical visits.
  • Agility and preferential medical care at CreuBlanca centres.
  • No waiting times and personalised attention in all specialities.
  • Personalised medical advice


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