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Osteoarticular CT

What does it consist of?

Once you have been placed on the CT table, it will begin to rotate around your body to obtain cross-sectional projections of bones, blood vessels and soft tissues, which are subsequently grouped using Artificial Intelligence. Instead of obtaining a single image, as occurs with conventional radiography, CT obtains multiple images with higher quality and sharpness, which increases diagnostic precision.


What explorations do we perform?

  • Arm CT. Study of the area that includes the upper and lower part of the arm.
  • Shoulder CT. Explore the shoulder area and the joints that surround it.
  • Clavicle CT. Examine possible cracks or breaks, among other injuries, in the clavicle bone.
  • Hand CT. Explore possible injuries to ligaments, tendons, and small joints in the hand.
  • Wrist CT. Study of the wrist bone and the joints that surround it.
  • Finger CT. It allows to diagnose frequent capsulitis due to trauma, tendon ruptures and osteoarthritis.
  • Maxillary CT. Three-dimensional study of the maxillary bones, the pieces of bone or cartilage, in which the teeth are embedded.
  • Knee CT. Explore possible knee ligament and tendon injuries.
  • Spine CT. Explore possible injuries in the cervical, lumbar and dorsal area.

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