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Who is it for?

The medical certificate for scuba diving is intended for non-professional scuba divers, snorkellers and free-divers who need to certify that they do not have any pathologies that could pose a health risk while practising the sport.


At CreuBlanca we issue 3 different types of diving medical certificates:


– The Non-professional scuba diving certificate without a bottle, a basic medical examination to perform tube diving or snorkeling in clear and shallow waters without compromising cardio-respiratory health.


– The Non-professional Diver Certificate, full medical review to safely perform deeper dives and stay underwater for long periods of time through the use of heavy or autonomous diving equipment, which includes tanks and regulator.


– The Professional Diver Certificate, aimed at diving instructors and high-performance athletes who want to obtain a federation license or belong to a sports club that requests a sports medical check-up. This certificate includes more specific tests to guarantee safety during much deeper and longer dives, which require more complex systems and equipment, as well as decompression stops.

Full physical examination
Examination of the locomotor system
Tests to be assessed with the examining doctor
Assessment report