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Inicio | Blog | The new CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital opens its doors

The new CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital opens its doors

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11 Jan 2024
2 Min
  • CreuBlanca inaugurates the new CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital in Mataró.
  • The new CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital was created to become the private hospital of reference in the entire Maresme area.
  • The CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital offers comprehensive, individualized and quality medical care in a wide range of exploratory tests and in more than 20 medical-surgical specialties.


On Monday, January 15, 2024, CreuBlanca inaugurates its new CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital in Mataró, with the aim of bringing a modern, innovative, sustainable, and community-based healthcare model to the citizens of the North Barcelona area, Maresme, part of Vallès Oriental, and Selva.

According to Eulalia Alomar, General Director of CreuBlanca, “the launch of the new hospital reaffirms our commitment to providing Mataró and its surrounding areas with a greater range of local healthcare services, which will help reduce the impact of mobility to the city of Barcelona.”

Located at 43 Pablo Iglesias Street in Mataró, the CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital consists of a 6-story building with a total area of 38,900 m². It has been designed for the well-being and safety of patients and their companions, featuring modern, comfortable, and bright spaces that meet the highest sustainability and energy efficiency standards.

“This project is part of a strategic growth with clear objectives of continuity, social responsibility, and innovation, aiming to contribute to the improvement of health and quality of life for the citizens of Mataró and neighboring towns,” declares Alomar. “Our work culture, based on clinical excellence, scientific projection, and the close, personalized, and quality care that characterizes CreuBlanca, will also be evident in the new CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital,” she adds.

For your health, we are the reference

The CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital is born to become the reference private hospital in the entire Maresme area. It boasts a multidisciplinary team of top-level professionals and the most advanced technology, offering comprehensive, individualized, and quality medical care to expedite attention, reduce waiting times, and provide a faster, more accurate, and personalized diagnosis.

The new CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital has an entire floor dedicated to the Imaging Diagnosis Area to perform a wide variety of exploratory tests, from conventional X-rays to magnetic resonance imaging, CT scans, interventional radiology, ultrasound, and mammography. It is equipped with the latest technology and innovations based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accelerate, perfect, and offer sharper images in diagnostic studies.

Currently, the hospital offers more than 20 outpatient consultations, including specialties such as General Medicine, Endocrinology, Traumatology, Cardiology, Urology, Psychology, Angiology, and Pediatrics. In addition to other complementary services such as 24/7 general emergencies, blood and urine tests, preoperative studies, and stress tests, among others.

In line with CreuBlanca’s values, based on individualized medicine and highly comprehensive and resolutive care, the new CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital advocates for specialized medical circuits, integrated by multidisciplinary teams of specialists with extensive experience in the early diagnosis and treatment of multiple pathologies. The Medical Check-ups Unit, the Prostate Pathology Unit, or the Comprehensive Unit exclusively dedicated to Senology and Breast Pathology are examples of this.

In its commitment to teaching, research, and the training of healthcare professionals, the new hospital also has specialized training areas to establish collaborations with higher schools and universities.

New CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital, the hospital of the future

The opening of the new hospital revolves around five axes: cutting-edge technology, environmental sustainability, digitization, healthcare quality, and a commitment to research, thus establishing itself as the hospital of the future.

The new CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital is just another step towards improving the health and well-being of people, thanks to the collaboration and joint effort of the entire society.