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Inicio | Blog | CreuBlanca opens its new private hospital in Mataró

CreuBlanca opens its new private hospital in Mataró

07 Sep 2023
2 Min
  • The new CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital comes into operation on Monday, September 18.
  • It offers personalized and highly effective medical care in a wide range of medical-surgical specialties to patients in Barcelona North and Maresme.


CreuBlanca opens the doors of its new CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital, with the purpose of bringing a modern, innovative, sustainable and proximity healthcare model to the citizens of the towns of Barcelonés Norte, Maresme, part of Vallés Oriental and La Selva.

The new hospital center, located in Mataró in the Pla d’en Boet industrial estate at number 43 Pablo Iglesias Street, serves a wide range of medical and surgical specialties, and has a multidisciplinary team of top-level professionals and the most advanced technology for accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment of multiple pathologies.

Patient-centered care model

CreuBlanca’s commitment to the safety, comfort and well-being of patients and their families is reflected in friendlier and more welcoming healthcare environments. All this, in a 6-story building with a total area of 38,900 m², made up of spacious and bright spaces that meet the highest standards of sustainability and energy efficiency. It is, in every sense, an infrastructure designed and thought for everyone, in a digital environment and with a multidisciplinary approach that guarantees individualized medicine and highly responsive and effective comprehensive care.

Continuing with the digital transformation process carried out by CreuBlanca, the healthcare group inaugurates a hospital that, in order to enhance the patient experience and the doctor-patient relationship, has the latest technology in healthcare matters. To achieve this, it has digitized the patient and service circuit in order to reduce time, improve the efficiency of care and minimize the use of paper.

Advanced healthcare technology and top-notch medical equipment

The new hospital center has more than 30 medical consultations to cover most medical-surgical specialties, a 24-hour emergency service and its own clinical analysis laboratory. In addition, a Diagnostic Imaging Area equipped with the most advanced technology to perform a wide variety of exploratory tests, from conventional radiography to magnetic resonance imaging, CT, interventional radiology, ultrasound and mammography.

The imaging diagnostic area of the new CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital has a differentiating characteristic that places it at the forefront of medical care: a team of highly specialized and sub-specialized professionals in the different parts of the human body. The coordinated and joint work between doctors and technicians, added to the use of cutting-edge technology, allows for highly precise examinations and reports for the early detection of multiple pathologies.

In its commitment to teaching, research and the training of health professionals, the new hospital also has specialized training areas to establish collaborations with colleges and universities.

Specialized medical circuits

In accordance with the CreuBlanca principles, based on personalized precision medicine, the new CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital presents specialized units such as the Medical Checkup Unit, the Prostatic Pathology Unit or the Unit dedicated exclusively to Senology and Breast Pathology.

The creation of specialized medical circuits allows us to offer a healthcare experience adapted to the individual needs of each patient, supported by cutting-edge technology and multidisciplinary teams of highly specialized professionals in the field of preventive medicine.

New CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital, the hospital of the future

The opening of the new hospital revolves around five axes: cutting-edge technology, environmental sustainability, digitalization, quality of care and commitment to research, thus becoming the hospital of the future.

The new CreuBlanca Maresme hospital is just another step towards improving people’s health and well-being, thanks to the collaboration and joint effort of the entire society.