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Inicio | Blog | CreuBlanca will open a private hospital in Mataró

CreuBlanca will open a private hospital in Mataró

27 Jun 2023
2 Min
  • The health group plans to open the doors of the new CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital after the summer.
  • It will offer individualized and highly responsive medicine in most medical and surgical specialties to patients in Barcelona Norte and Maresme.


The new CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital, located at number 43 Calle Pablo Iglesias in Mataró, former headquarters of the emblematic Caixa Laietana building, is scheduled to come into operation after the summer. The new hospital center will offer private health coverage to a population of more than 900,000 inhabitants distributed between the towns of Barcelonés Norte and Maresme, part of Vallés Oriental and La Selva. The central axes on which this new hospital center is built are a people-centered, digitized and environmentally sustainable healthcare model.

According to Eulalia Alomar, general director of CreuBlanca, “the start-up of the new hospital reaffirms our commitment to provide Mataró and its confluence areas with a greater range of local care, which will help reduce the impact of mobility towards the city of Barcelona” .

CreuBlanca will contribute its expertise and vision of the future to the city of Mataró, making available a large medical team made up of top-level professionals, who will attend to most medical and surgical specialties, and the most advanced technology in Diagnostic Imaging, with a complete area made up of state-of-the-art equipment for magnetic resonance, CT, interventional radiology, ultrasound and mammography. In the first phase, the new hospital will have a 24-hour emergency service, an analysis laboratory, more than 20 outpatient clinics, a fully equipped Diagnostic Imaging area and training areas through collaboration with colleges and universities.

In line with the values of CreuBlanca, based on individualized medicine, comprehensive and highly responsive care, the new Hospital CreuBlanca Maresme will bet on specialized medical circuits, made up of multidisciplinary teams of specialists with extensive experience in the early diagnosis of multiple pathologies. The Medical Check-up Unit, the Prostatic Pathology Unit or the Comprehensive Unit dedicated exclusively to Senology and Breast Pathology are examples of this.

Continuing with the digital immersion process carried out by CreuBlanca, the health group presents a hospital that, in order to enhance the patient experience and the doctor-patient relationship, will have the latest technology in healthcare and technological innovations based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accelerate, refine and deliver sharper images in diagnostic studies, as well as improve patient comfort and clinical confidence. In addition to having the latest developments in assistive technology, it will be an intelligent and sustainable building with the environment consciously designed to minimize its environmental impact and promote energy efficiency through the use of renewable energy.

“This project is part of a strategic growth with clear objectives of continuity, social responsibility and innovation in order to contribute to improving the health and quality of life of the citizens of Mataró and neighboring towns”, says Alomar. . “Our work culture based on clinical excellence, scientific projection and close, personalized and quality treatment that characterizes CreuBlanca will also be evident in the new CreuBlanca Maresme Hospital”, he adds.