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Exclusive circuit to carry out customized medical check-ups

Francisco Franco Díaz
General medicine consultations, medical certificates, medical check-ups
Jordi Rebull Boada
Medical check-ups, general medicine consultations, medical certificates
Ramon Navarro Canals
General medicine consultations and check-ups
13 Apr 2023
2 Min
Health tips
  • At CreuBlanca we have an exclusive circuit of medical check-ups so that you can obtain a comprehensive and personalized assessment of your state of health in just one day.


Do you know your state of health? Did you know that early diagnosis is key to preventing and detecting diseases in their early stages? If caught in time, even the most serious ailment has a chance of being cured. Medical check-ups are a key tool to anticipate and discover hidden or asymptomatic pathologies, thus avoiding future complications.

State-of-the-art technology and highly specialized professionals

At CreuBlanca we take care of people who, like you, care about their health and know the importance of prevention. The CreuBlanca Medical Check-up Unit has the most advanced medical technology, such as whole-body CT or 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance equipment, and a group of expert specialists in carrying out and interpreting results that will offer you a comprehensive, accurate assessment and personalized of your state of health.

Quality care and personalized treatment

CreuBlanca’s offer of check-ups and medical reviews is based on efficiency, we know the value of time. We have an exclusive circuit so you don’t have to wait, all the diagnostic tests are coordinated to guarantee the best possible experience and you get a comprehensive assessment of your state of health in a single day.

You will have an internist doctor, who will guide you from start to finish, assess which diagnostic tests best suit your needs, guide you throughout the process and coordinate collaboration with professionals from different medical specialties in order to obtain a specific assessment from the start. the optics of each expert and thus guarantee our patients a complete and personalized diagnosis.

Types of medical checkups

Because we understand that each person is unique, therefore, CreuBlanca’s medical check-ups and reviews are adapted to each person, taking into account their risk factors, background and lifestyle. There is no identical global check-up or check-up for everyone, your doctor will guide you and advise you on which check-up or medical check-up you need.

  • Medical Check-ups: We offer from a general health check-up to a Full Body Check-up for a comprehensive diagnosis through a full-body study.
  • Specific check-ups: Early detection programs and whole body studies for early diagnosis and monitoring of multiple chronic and oncological pathologies.
  • Reviews by specialty: They evaluate the functioning of the different systems of the human body to prevent, anticipate or treat potential diseases early, especially if risk factors are present.

At the CreuBlanca Medical Check-up Unit we put the patient at the center. Providing you with a team of top-level professionals and the most advanced technology to guarantee maximum diagnostic accuracy. Whether or not you have health insurance. Medicine is not only about curing, it is also important to prevent and maintain health before getting sick. Therefore, early diagnosis is the best medicine.