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Questions about anxiety disorders

Sara Barbero Medel
Clinical psychology medical visits. Specialised in adult and child psychology, anxiety and depression. Sex and couple therapy.
31 May 2023
1 Min
The expert's voice
  • All of us at some point in our lives have felt anxiety. But, we wonder: Is it a normal part of life? When do you really have to worry?

What triggers an anxiety disorder? How to control it? Why are there people who turn to food to calm their anxiety? What is a panic attack?

Sara Barbero, a specialist from the CreuBlanca Psychology Unit, answers frequently asked questions about anxiety disorders on the latest Instagram Live, a very recurring topic in society and, above all, in Psychology consultations. You missed out? You can watch it again here!

Anxiety is an inner voice that puts us on alert, it can make us feel fear, anguish and make us feel bad in general. But all these symptoms are nothing more than the product of an emotion that deep down just wants to help us. As we always tell you from CreuBlanca, early diagnosis and personalized treatment are key to adequately address anxiety. Our team of psychologists creates spaces for dialogue and listening to accompany people in the process of accepting the situation and coping with it, in order to find solutions and improve quality of life.