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Inicio | Blog | Talking about Renal Lithiasis, with Dr. Adrià Piñero

Talking about Renal Lithiasis, with Dr. Adrià Piñero

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Adrià Piñero Zomeño
Urology and andrology consultations, Urological check-ups. Specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones.
22 May 2024
1 Min
The expert's voice

It is estimated that renal lithiasis affects approximately 12% of the Spanish population, especially middle-aged men.

Renal lithiasis, also known as “kidney stones”, nephrolithiasis or renal calculi, is a very common pathology caused by the crystallization of mineral salts present in the urine, which clump together and literally form a small stone inside the urinary tract.

Dr. Adrià Piñero, specialist in the CreuBlanca Urology Unit, with extensive experience in the medical and surgical treatment of renal lithiasis, explains in this video what this condition is, its causes and symptoms and how it is diagnosed.


Renal Lithiasis